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Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support
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"Approximately two weeks into the product I noticed an improved sense of wellness and my breathing seemed more alive. At any rate, I love that the product is free of fillers and cheap ingredients found with so many so-called natural supplements. Give it a try! I think you'll become a quick fan like myself."
- Kevin D.  Verified Buyer

The naturally-sourced formula in Redwood supports blood flow for healthy, smooth circulation, strong immune health, optimal blood pressure and bedroom performance. On top of all that, experience more stamina & energy all day long.


    Rediscover Real with Redwood



    Boost blood flow & circulation naturally with Redwood, leading to better bedroom performance, healthy blood pressure, & warmer extremities. †



    Fortify your immune system with well-known immune-boosting ingredients Vitamin C and Garlic, as well as patented ACE2 inhibitor.†



    Better circulation leads to more stamina & endurance as well as improved mood & well-being. You'll be able to go faster, longer.†


    Real Ingredients. Real Research

    Redwood is a potent blend of vitamins and minerals curated from around the world. The effects of Redwood may make it sound like a "magic pill" but what Redwood does is actually very simple.

    The ingredients in Redwood boost nitric oxide production, increasing the rate of blood flow in the body. You'll enjoy more stamina and energy along with all of the added benefits of better blood flow, including circulation, improved vein health, warmer hands and feet, better bedroom performance, stronger immunity and improved mood.† See all ingredients

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    Vitamin C

    Interestingly enough, there is convincing evidence showing that the combination of Garlic and Vitamin C may drastically increase N.O. output. (up to 200%!) Since vitamin C increases N.O. so well, you should expect a great improvement in blood flow and vein health.†

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    how to use
    3 Capsules, Twice A Day

    Take 3 capsules in the morning and evening - about 12 hours apart.

    3 Capsules Before Exercising

    If you exercise you may replace your evening dose with a pre-workout dose for stamina, energy and muscle pump.

    Take with Food & Water

    The ingredients in Redwood work best when taken with food and water

    frequently asked questions

    What does Redwood do?

    Redwood is an all natural circulation enhancement supplement. It is designed with key ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to increase vasodilation and promote systemic or full body circulation.

    How do I take Redwood?

    The best results with redwood are seen when taking 3 capsules two times daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, if you resistance train and are trying to increase blood flow to the muscles during your workout taking the second 3 capsules of the day prior to your workout is going to have an amazing effect. If you prefer not to take two doses throughout the day you can take all six capsules at once, however for some people this can cause a slightly upset stomach so you want to make sure you take it with food to mitigate this. 

    Is Redwood vegan?

    No redwood has a casein derived peptide in it known as IPP-VPP. It also has a gelatin capsule.

    Is Redwood dairy free?

    No, redwood has a casein derived peptide in it that is extracted from milk.

    Can I take Redwood with blood pressure medication?

    We recommend talking to your prescribing doctor about Redwood and how it might be able to benefit you.

    Redwood made me break out in hives

    Redwood has a very potent garlic extract that can cause a histamine reaction for some people leading to the development of hives and itching.

    Redwood gave me the runs

    Redwood has a potent dose of vitamin c that can draw water into the stool. Simply lower the dose to 1-2 capsules twice daily instead of the normal 3 capsules twice a day

    Can I take Redwood on an empty stomach?

    We recommend taking Redwood with food and water to ensure it does not cause an upset stomach, however we do have many customers who take Redwood on an empty stomach and do not experience any negative side effects. Simply experiment and see what works best for you.

    Is the capsule BSE/TSE and Prion free?

    Yes, UMZU has all of there capsules rigorously tested to make sure they are certified BSE/TSE and Prion Free

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    Jayson T.
    United States

    No more blood pressure meds

    With my doctor's approval, I have been able to get off my blood pressure medication that I have been taking for 20+ years. I'm working out regularly and feeling really good for the first time since the military.

    United States United States

    I love this product - Umzu Redwood

    I spend my entire work day in front of a computer drafting financial analysis reports. By the end of the day I'm normally hopped up on coffee and junk food and feeling really spent. I've been taking Umzu blood flow support for three weeks now. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning instead of 10 cups per day. I'm more alert mid afternoon and I'm religiously drinking water. Since the shut down of gyms I've made it a point to walk at least four times per week. This product has changed my life. My energy levels are higher. I'm sleeping well. I don't have that mid-afternoon lull anymore. I'm a customer for life!

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    Shamarr T.
    United States


    I love this product I will continue to take it the results are I credible I’d love to distribute this at my gym

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    Cochise P.
    United States

    My Review of Redwood

    I am 65 years old. I am a health fanatic to put it lightly. Anything to give me an extra level of blood flow health would be welcome. That said, I decided to give Redwood a try. After only 10 days of taking the product as instructed (3 pills twice daily), I knew, then, I had found what I had been looking for. I decided to go on a monthly auto-ship. This product delivers! I awake with erections every morning and wake up at night with an ********. Because of the new level of blood flow through my body, I now experience new levels of instense ****** explosions. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor for my blood pressure results, too. Thank you Redwood for your wonderful natural and healthy product that gives me back my so much needed ****** confidence!

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    Chezzarae B.
    United States

    I was experiencing 222/119 blood

    I was experiencing 222/119 blood pressure and your supplements mixed with my regular meds are doing the trick Thank you Mr. Chezzarae Blunt

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    David j.
    United States United States


    I have been taking Redwood for months now and I'm starting on my 2nd bottle. And I feel so energetic daily in 46 years old married for 20 years have 5 kids and been at my job for 19 years i get up and work up at 3am in the morning then work all day and let me tell you before I was using Redwood I was struggling daily with work and kid's...Now I can't stop being more active i have more energy with the kids hitting the gym harder work goes by fast and POW BOOM BANG in the Bed room!!! And one more thing my varicose vines are going away...

    John S.
    United States United States

    Blood flow booster

    I had been using superbeets and similar products to increase energy and blood flow. I tried Redwood and noticed more blood flow the first day. I am a 59 year old man and morning wood is back.

    Thomas B.
    United States United States


    It has been good. I feel like my BP is slightly better and an improvement in perfomance in the bedroom. I'm 62, no meds, enjoying a healthy relationship with my wife 2 to 3 times a week. Occasionally multiple times in 24hrs. What's to complain about??? Thank you.

    Phil D.
    United States

    Stacking Redwood with Testro RX

    Excellent. I’m 51 and I’ve been working out consistently for a long time. I recently started stacking Redwood with Testro RX and it feels like it’s taking my fitness level to a whole new level. My muscles feel more full along with leaner body composition. Great products!

    Michael S.
    United States United States


    My experience with red wood it give me more energy I work hard long overnight shift taking Red wood help me during the night while I'm work my blood flow getting better and better all the guys out there you need to try this product it is good really good even in the bedroom it is better

    Carlos R.
    United States

    Feel good taking this product.

    Feel good taking this product. If I ordered the testro-x would I still be able to take the redwood? And if I can what would be the best way to take them?



    Hi Carlos, yes you can take both Redwood and Testro-X together. In fact, thousands of our male customers are currently doing that with great results since you're optimizing both your hormones & blood flow at the same time. The double whammy. For taking them, I recommend taking the first dose of Redwood in the morning, then the Testro-X after dinner with the second dose of Redwood. - Chris

    John C.
    United States United States


    My intimate performance has vastly improved due to improved blood circulation. I am more calm and relaxed mentally.

    Jeffrey J.
    United States United States

    Finally relief!!!!!

    Has greatly reduced the numbness and tingling in my feet associated with a recent heart attack. I'll even tell my doctor about it!

    A UMZU Customer
    Tori G.
    United States United States

    Worth It

    I think thia product has helped and it's worth trying if you're concerned about joint health.

    Kevin D.
    United States United States

    Redwood Improves My Qi!

    I've been taking Redwood Nitric Oxide Booster for over two months now. Approximately two weeks into the product I noticed an improved sense of wellness and my breathing seemed more alive (if that makes any sense). At any rate, I love that the product is free of fillers and cheap ingredients found with so many so called natural supplements. Give it a try! I think you'll become a quick fan like myself. Blessings, Kevin

    Jason D.
    United States United States

    Best Supplement I've EVER Had!!!

    I researched this product at nauseum! Finally, I ordered a 3 month supply. I started taking the product and I know more natural energy,better mood,and my blood pressure when down to 104/74! I know results may vary, but if your on the fence about thinking of trying this product. In my opinion, please don't hesitate to try this amazing product! I'm not a believer and a user for life!

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    United States United States

    Something changed,....

    63yo with Multiple Sclerosis from the flu shots that I was forced to take in the Army, now 100% disabled/unemployable,..., but not dead! LOL!!!! In April2020 "something changed" I was beginning to feel a bit better, stronger in ways, and libido was stirring after years of NOT. May2020 I saw my Hormone doc , was taking Testosterone to fight the MS- yes it really has helped me keep a pretty normal life in spite of the MS. BUT I had not had T-therapy since DEC2019 from the C19 keeping me from the doctor. So I did not use the new script of T-gel and the new script of estrogen blocker and both went in the trash when I got home. With no T therapy since Jan2020,.., I was 1200 of 1000 T points and my estrogen was a whopping 138 in the MAY2020 visit! I saw myself entering the Valley of the Dolls and found this great line and took the Test-bundle. Just last week I saw my doc,..., Test was 340T and my estrogen was 34! My last blood pressure was 145 over90 and now it is at 110 over 68. No man boobs, no Testosterone overload, clear head, have finished 13 projects I had started over the past 12 years in the rabbit hole of MS. I feel "good,..., like really good" and when I heard the lab results this last visit I told my doc I was off the T since Jan2020. Told him how I wanted to run the treatment,..., umzu,..., and he agreed and he is a great guy- he helped me figure out the T amounts the past 11 years to battle my MS but my body has started making my own again. I "can not" say enough about this line. The D3 also has cleared up my rare GROVERS Disease and where I was having 2-3 very painful attacks a month, I have not the last 7 weeks of my using the D3 and my back is clear and smooth like it was 4-5 years ago before getting this condition as well. Great Job Christopher! 63yo-MS since 1992. while on (9 weeks now) umzu: from 111KG to 93kg! low Bad cholesterol, Testosterone-estrogen ratio much better, Energy, libido, clarity, "happiness" all out the roof from how the last 12 years have been. AND that new pre-workout drink is just GREAT! (makes the original Jac3D look like Candy Cane Lane with out all teh jitters! LOL!) ZERO BPH in 3 weeks after 6 years of it! (I'm out with the rest of the old Hounds!) LOL!!!!

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    Eric C.
    United States

    Coming up big

    It's been great using both Testro X along with Redwood original!! I've had better sleep and even better work outs at my age of 50yrs!! Thanks guys

    UMZU REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support Review
    peter c.
    United States United States


    i am much improved with warm fingers and toes compared to winters in the past ,thank you peter c.

    James L.
    United States

    Work great really helps with

    Work great really helps with my ed and blood flow to my hands and feet

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